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Privacy & Security

The website takes visitors rights to privacy very seriously. The website does not collect personally identifiable information on our visitors, except where a user chooses to provide this information via our web site forms (e.g. your web site member profile, submit comment or contact forms). Even if you provide information to this site, the website will use this information only for the purpose for which it was provided. The website does not rent, sell, share or otherwise pass on your personally identifying information to any company or individual.

Please note that some of the optional information you provide in this site’s forms and forum’s can be viewed by the public and/or other members of this site, this is also obviously the case for the content of your comment’s and/or post’s. If a user chooses to display personal information publicly in this manner the website cannot be held responsible for what use is made of this information by any party.

In line with E.U. and Irish law a pop up banner will appear at the bottom of the page on a visitor’s initial arrival at this site to draw attention to this site’s current privacy and cookie usage statements. Clicking the OK button on this banner does not change any settings on the visitors browser but will remove the bar from view.

Please note that the website attempts to place cookies on your browser. Some of these cookies are for site function only and as such these cookies are permitted by E.U. law.

The site also uses Google analytics to gather anonymous information about our visitors so that we can gauge our sites performance.

If you wish to block these cookies from the website and/or other sites then you may do so by adjusting your browser’s cookie handling settings. For more information on cookies and their possible uses you could visit For more on how to  manage cookies on your browser you should consult your browsers help section or try the manage cookies page for instructions for most popular browsers. Please note that if you block some or all of the cookies from the website you may not be able to access some of the area’s or features of the site.

Most contributors to this site have the ability to add media content to their posts/pages some or all of which may be hosted at another site outside of our control (e.g. Youtube). Please be aware that this media is under the control of it’s host site and not the website and as such if you chose to interact with this media or other similar such media you will be subject to that host sites privacy and cookie statements.


You can view a breakdown of the cookies that we use on this site here.