Cookies the site attempts to place on your browser.

When not logged in


NAME                                                                    VALUE                                                         DEFAULT EXPIRY


PHPSESSID                                         “id string specific to the visit”                                            Session

complianceCookie                                             on or off                                                            Session

_utma                                                    “number string specific to you”                                 2 years from set\update

_utmb                                               “number string specific to you”                                    30 mins from set\update

_utmc                                                  “number string specific to you”                                 End of browser session

_utmz                                                  “number string specific to you”                                 6 months from set\update

When using the translate option

googtrans                                             “value specific to the languages”                                     Session

When leaving a comment

comment_author_                                                                                                                      Session

comment_author_email_                                                                                                            Session

comment_author_url_                                                                                                                Session


When Logged in.


wordpress_test_cookie                     WP+Cookie+check                                                               Session

wordpress_logged_in_                      [numberstring][username=details]                                        Session

wpmfcookie                               e.g=2013-09-23+11%3A50%3A44                                              Session

wp-settings-1                                [user preference settings]                                                       Session

wp-settings-time-1                               [Number string]                                                                Session