Volunteer Work

The ID lanyards are available in teacher’s classrooms for the volunteers each time they work / help with the children. This is to provide added security and also helps on tours/swimming . 


A big WELCOME back to all the volunteer parents who have helped out during the past year .   We hope it was a good experience for you, certainly the reading helpers in the hall  always seem to say how much they love it  – which is great to hear.    Equally the swimming helpers see the children’s improvement in swimming too during the year and know the great help they give to teachers in getting the children ready at the pool.

We hope we would see you helping out again this year if possible for some part of the year or even filling in for someone else. Maybe you know another parent who might give it a try for a while!   If you are new or thinking about it – just read on below and maybe we’ll see you too !

Scoil Mhuire Junior has been running a very successful volunteer programme for 10 years which has developed from year to year.

We currently have approximately 40 people who come and give of their time doing a variety of activities with the children: reading , games, art work, school tours and helping on swimming days. We also have a Dad who keeps the lap-tops working for the teachers. They add immeasurably to the quality of the educational experience of the children. Teachers and parents certainly see the improvement over the year and not just in the particular activities but also in the developing confidence this work brings to the children.

In these changing economic times it may be the case that people have some spare time on their hands. Why not give some of it to the children in the school?  You’d never know what  ‘you’  might learn!

We are particularly interested in getting more fathers and grandparents involved in the volunteers programme.  We have one Gran already who keeps coming back!

The only requirement is that you are willing to sign our charter and the Garda Vetting form and also to take direction from the class teacher.  If at any stage you can’t continue to come as a volunteer we’d ask you to please let teacher know or the office or myself ( the coordinator )  so we can re-organise ourselves.

If interested you can submit your details in the form below or drop in to the office to Noreen or Margaret for a volunteer sheet or chat to the Volunteer Coordinator, Emer Prendiville (Room 8)     :-)   Thank you.

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