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 November  2013                       Ms Prendiville  

     It’s science week      !

Did you get to try any of our experiments yet ?









What was happening here with the liquid ? What was sucking it in ? Why ?



We are starting to learn about our town Newbridge. The children will be asking adults at home if they can help them with this – facts, history,geography,  places that bring tourists/visitors, what services ,nice places do we  have ? etc. We will gather all our information into a collection about our town . Thank you


* * * Please wear your tracksuits/runners every Thursday from tomorrow 7th November –  as the second PE day will be Thursdays now that swimmimg is over. * * *     





Here is the link to the story we had at school today, ‘Even Monsters Need Haircuts’.  There are more stories read aloud like this also on the site. Check it out if you’d like to find more.


  Happy Halloween  !!   (and remember be safe ! )



This is Maths Week,  you might hear or see something about it on television .  So the 2nd classes  tried a maths trail that Ms Hill made. We had to go all around outside the school and inside too to find lots of numbers and shapes.  We worked in groups of three to find and write or draw the maths information – it was like a quiz!  We worked really well together as teams and had great fun also . This is some of us today:

Well done everybody – you were very good !  


                             Take a look at these lovely healthy lunches!



We are on a leaf hunt –  feach ar na dathanna alainn !












We have learned about trees and their leaves – oak, horse chestnut and sycamore. We are learning about the parts of a tree and what we use wood for. We just learned about counting the  rings on wood from a tree to work out its age   !  We did leaf rubbings and saw how to press leaves br putting them in a book under something heavy ! This keeps them very flat. 




Our school also got a present of a Hawthorn sapling to plant at the back of our school. We all watched this happen.




Our  parade down Newbridge  with the RTE’s ‘Music Train ‘ went very well today. Congratulations to all who helped make it so , specially the children!

PE DAYS NOTICE : MONDAY,  &  WEDNESDAY – SWIMMING    for this term. Will let you know then in term 2 of any changes.




  • Parents , Mr O Reilly was very pleased with the 2nd class children on yard today Tuesday 24th, He noted they were the best behaved and had the most fun! Well done children , keep it up.



I’ll be taking photos of healthy lunches, and there will be prizes at end of the month so keep the healthy food in the box! (keep sugar and salt stuff small ). I hope the Food Pyramid ‘present’ for the kitchen is where all can see it. !



Remember , sugar drinks are not good for their lunch boxes.

Flavour a water bottle, better and cheaper !


Monday  30th September , Newbridge is to be the first stop for RTE’s Big Music Week starting in the Train Station.  There will be music, bands and some well known music people. 2nd classes are walking down to join them (as are other schools ) in the short march along the street. It will be  wonderful fun for the eyes and ears! So if you can, do come and join the fun – from the Train station 11.00am to Main Street and down to the bridge. For more info click link below.



Thank you to all the parents for having all the books, tin whistles, pencil cases etc ready and specially to those who had names on the books !   I only had a few to label !   Also thank you all for being so organised with the swimmimg clothes and money on the first Wednesday.  It makes for a smooth start to the term both for teacher and the office. 

The PE days for this part of term will be the swimming session on Wednesday and the 2nd session will be confirmed in the next few days. The children will have this message in their Homework Diary and I also put up a notice  on the classsroom window – as well as here on the class web page!

I’m hoping the children and yourselves will often keep an eye here on the web page for what’s new and happening during the year.  Through the photos you can see the lovely work and events that happen. Messages / reminders are also posted here. It’s a great way for grandparents or extended family – wherever they are in the world – to also see what’s going on for the children at school.

They have their reading packs now , please hear a little reading each night and also it’s really good to ask a question or two to see they understand what they’re reading about.  Some children are good readers but may not be so sure of what actually is happening in the story.                                                                                                                                                                                                        3 items per night – Reading, spellings (4/5) and writing/maths etc

This year we have SNA Adrienne and Niamh on different days for short spells.   

The children  brought home the very important form for 1st  Holy Communion and all the necessary dates etc there.

Any Volunteers for reading,  maths games etc would be greatfully accepted! Please let me know , even if for a few weeks. Maths games is simply helping out with two teachers to help the children play simple dice or board games !

Thank you.


Watch out for those bees, they’re after your food!