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This Is Us!

DSC_0262 [640x480]Welcome to Room 11! In this class you will find 15 boys and 15 girls, along with Ms Leahy.


We love playing games in our class. Here are some games that we like to play, and you can try them at home!

Arty Smarty Doors

Higher or Lower

Irish dancing

We’ve been doing some Irish dancing for our P.E. This dance is called the Damsha Mór, and it only took us one P.E. lesson to learn it. We’re going to try some harder dances because we’re so good at it!


Aye Aye Captain!

We were learning all about Tom Crean’s adventures to the Antarctic. We decided to go on an adventure ourselves! Unfortunately we couldn’t find a boat to hold us all, so we had to go on ships fit for two. We named our ships, and designed our own flags. Wish us luck on our trip!

Holly Jolly Christmas

We’ve learned a new christmas song, we hope it helps you get in the festive mood!

Seasons Rap

Thanks for sending in the glasses and the hats, we needed them to get cool! We learned a rap all about the seasons, and we even performed it for the whole school at an assembly! Here’s a video of us doing our rap:

Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall, If you need to know the seasons give me a call! (x2)

W-I-N T-E-R, that spells winter wherever you are

Freezing weather and lots of snow, down the hill on the sled you go

S-P-R  I-N-G, that spells spring for you and me

Rain all the time, flowers in bloom, butterflys flying all around you

Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall, If you need to know the seasons give me a call! (x2)

S-U-M  M-E-R that spells summer wherever you are

Going to the beach, hanging in the sun, chilling out in the pool is fun

F-A double L at the end, that spells fall for you my friend,

Leaves change colour as they fall down, red yellow orange and don’t forget brown

Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall, If you need to know the seasons give me a call! (x2)

Lift Off!

We worked really hard for 8 weeks with Lift Off to Literacy. On Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays we had 4 teachers working with us in small groups. We learned lots of different skills. We were so brilliant we even got certificates and a night off homework!

Here’s pictures of us in our groups with our writing.

The Witches Walk


 We had a great time at the Witches Walk.Thanks for all your help and support with the fundraising! Here’s a few spooky pics!


We have started to send home reading packs with all the boys and girls. Each reading pack has 2 books in it. These books will be changed once a week.

Every night your child should spend 10 minutes doing reading with you or another adult. If they are able to read the words, encourage this. If not, discuss the pictures, sequence the story, talk about the characters etc. You can help them with the words if they are stuck.


Our P.E days are Tuesdays and Fridays. Please send your child to school in their tracksuit on these days.



We have given all the children in senior infants a personal face cloth to keep in their bags. This towel is for when the children use the bathroom in school. They ask the teacher can they go, grab their bags and head to the toilet. After they wash their hands, they use their own face towel and put it back in their bags. The towels will need to be washed and replaced regularly at home, otherwise we’ll have smelly school bags!


Here is a video of us saying one of our new poems. We count down from 5 monkeys, who are all getting eaten by a hungry crocodile! You’ll find the words of the poem below. For the video we cheated and started at 3!

[No Video found]

 Three little monkeys swinging in a tree

Teasing Mr Crocodile “You can’t catch me!”

Sssh here comes Mr Crocodile as hungry as can be and SNAP!

Away swims Mr Crocodile as happy as can be.

Two little monkeys…. etc

Class Rules

We spent a lot of time in September talking about how to make our classroom a happy place. In the end, we decided on four rules. Each rule has two parts; something we will do, and something that others will do for us. Here are our rules!

The Red Rule: The ‘Hurting’ Rule

I will not hurt anybody. Nobody will hurt me.

Red NoRed Yes














The Yellow Rule: The ‘Working’ Rule

I will not disturb people’s work. Nobody will disturb me.

Yellow NoYellow Yesincorrect












The Blue Rule: The ‘Listening’ Rule

I will listen to everyone. Everone will listen to me.

 Blue NoBlue Yes











The Green Rule: The ‘Things’ Rule

I will look after people’s things. People will look after my things.

Green NoGreen Yesincorrectcorrect










Teddy Bear Rock


Here is a video of us singing one of our favourite songs so far: The Teddy Bear Rock.

(This video is feeling a little bit grumpy and is still refusing to come online. Please ‘bear’ with us while we fix it!)